Quantocracy’s Daily Wrap for 02/09/2019

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  • Towards Better Keras Modeling [Alpha Scientist]

    The field of deep learning is frequently described as a mix of art and science. One of the most "art-sy" parts of the field, in my experience, is the subject of network topology design – i.e., choosing the right geometry, size, depth, and type of the network. Machine learning practitioners develop rules of thumb and instincts for reasonable starting points, and heuristics exist for how
  • Portfolio construction through handcrafting: Empirical tests [Investment Idiocy]

    This post is all about handcrafting; a method for doing portfolio construction which human beings can do without computing power, or at least with a spreadsheet. The method aims to achieve the following goals: Humans can trust it: intuitive and transparent method which produces robust weights Can be easily implemented by a human in a spreadsheet Can be back tested Grounded in solid theoretical
  • Understanding dollar cross-currency basis [SR SV]

    Covered interest parity is an arbitrage condition that equalizes costs of direct USD funding and of synthetic USD funding through FX swaps. Deviations are called dollar cross-currency basis and have become a common occurrence since the great financial crisis. A negative dollar basis means direct funding in USD if accessible is cheaper than synthetic funding via swaps. An apparent

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