Quantocracy’s Daily Wrap for 01/02/2019

This is a summary of links featured on Quantocracy on Wednesday, 01/02/2019. To see our most recent links, visit the Quant Mashup. Read on readers!

  • Tactical Asset Allocation in December [Allocate Smartly]

    This is a summary of the recent performance of a wide range of excellent tactical asset allocation strategies, net of transaction costs. These strategies are sourced from books, academic papers, and other publications. While we dont (yet) include every published TAA model, these strategies are broadly representative of the TAA space. Learn more about what we do or let AllocateSmartly help you
  • The Best Global Stock Markets for Short Sellers [Quant Rocket]

    If you're a short seller exploring global markets, a good first question to ask is: are there shares available to borrow? This post looks at the percentage of stocks that are shortable through Interactive Brokers in each of 17 countries. Data source Interactive Brokers provides an FTP site with a list of all shortable stocks and the number of shortable shares available for each, organized by

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