Quantocracy’s Daily Wrap for 04/10/2019

This is a summary of links featured on Quantocracy on Wednesday, 04/10/2019. To see our most recent links, visit the Quant Mashup. Read on readers!

  • Learning to Rank with TensorFlow [Quant Dare]

    Alphabet, the largest Internet-based company, has based its success on sophisticated information retrieval algorithms since its origins. Now, 20 years later, one of its divisions is open-sourcing part of its secret sauce, drawing attention from developers all over the world. Since Google was founded back in 1998, it has grown from a simple Ph.D. research project to one of the largest companies in
  • The Problem With Unfilled Gaps Down From Intermediate-Term Highs [Quantifiable Edges]

    I saw some bullish studies emerge last night. But there was a study below that was not favorable that I thought readers would find interesting. One potential issue with Tuesdays decline is that it included an unfilled gap down. Generally, an unfilled gap down from a high has more trouble quickly rebounding that a decline that does not include an unfilled gap. Unfilled gaps from high levels will

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