Introducing Tradeworks 3 – The New Generation!

In May 2015 we launched Tradeworks 2. Since then our growth has been phenomenal with thousands of new users from all over the world, 15 active broker partners with many more joining us in 2018 along with a pipeline full of great feedback from our treasured users.

The time has now come to take the next big step forward and launch Tradeworks 3 during the weekend 13-14th of January 2018.


While the core of Tradeworks remains the same, when you log into Tradeworks 3 the first time, you will quickly notice that a lot has changed – and change is GOOD!


All existing users will automatically be able to log into to Tradeworks 3 using their existing username/password. And obviously all running strategies will continue to run after the upgrade. If you want your historic backlog of strategies (and their performance history) migrated you will need to log in to your profile as least once since 1 September 2017.


Here is a compilation of the biggest changes in Tradeworks 3:


Faster load speed

With users from all over the world we have done our best to improve the load speed of the application. We have done this by completely rewriting the code behind everything you see – and a bit more. 


New design and new strategy layout

To improve navigation when building and editing a strategy, we are introducing a left side menu. In addition to this new many, we have also learned that begin able to move swiftly between the different components of a strategy saves a lot of time. Therefore, we are introducing a range of new “wormholes” e.g. making it possible to setup/edit indicators directly from your trading rules.

New Algo Editor – now with keyboard support

To make algorithmic trading accessible to everyone, we knew we needed to take the simplicity of designing strategy logic to a new extreme. Introducing the all-new Algo Editor. We have gone through hundreds of iterations, working closely with many of our users, removing all obstacles in the interface design, we are happy to give you the best rule editor ever.

No more buttons to click, from now on, the Algo Editor will guess what you want to do. This makes the Algo Editor much easier to use – and you can even use your keyboard to write rules.


Arithmetic / Math expressions in rule logic

On popular demand we are now added support for mathematical expressions directly inside the Algo Editor. Looking for confirmation that the price is 5 pips above a moving average? Or looking to subtract one indicator from another? The options are endless for price action and indicator based traders.


Multiple concurrent backtests

You can now run backtests on as many strategies as you like at the same time. And your results are automatically stored for you so you can review them later.


Time base rules

Looking to trade the first hour of the London trading session? Wait no longer. You can now specify exactly when you want each rule to be active.


New languages

Along with existing list of supported languages, Tradeworks 3 also comes in Russian and Polish with several more coming soon. As today, Tradeworks 3 will automatically detect the language of your browser and set this as the default language.


More Information

In our Help Center you can find an article about the details of the upgrade, which includes a description of the discontinued features as well. Read the Tradeworks 3 upgrade article.



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